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Pearl River Garment accessories Ltd. was established in 2008. The company has five years of experience and technical expertise in the global garments accessories industry. We have factories on the mainland of China and can supply most of the items in garment manufacturing industry, including zippers, buttons, thread and yarn, tape & ribbon, woven and printed labels, hang tags, patches, pocketing fabric, lace, lace fabric, raw materials, etc. More product detail information can be checked through our website.
Our factories are mainly located in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces, which are very close to the biggest ports of export - Shanghai port for Zhejiang and Shenzhen port for Guangdong.  We own  advanced equipment, such as Vaupel trademark edge-cutting machines imported from Germany, Muller computerized crochet hook trademark machines and UT trademark cutting machines imported from Switzerland, and Raynox wood shuttle trademark machines from Japan. Moreover, we have automatic multicolor screen printers, automatic heliotype printers and various types of auxiliary equipment. 
Our offices and factories are located in the following parts of the world;
Hong Kong ¨C Our Head Office
China ¨C We manufacture all Metal accessories (All buttons, buckles, D rings ), Polyester/Chalk accessories ,zipper)
Sri Lanka ¨C We produce only polyester/plastic buttons (Logo, Non logo, Rod, Edge Laser)
Marketing offices are located in the following countries :
We also work with buyers like.. Victoria¡¯s Secret (PINK), Lasenza, GAP/Old Navy (USA), ADIDAS, NIKE, Free People, Jockey, SOliver, MEXX, A&F, Kohl¡¯s, C&A, NEXT (UK), Intimissi (Italy),M&S, S. Oliver, Levis,Wallmart, and many more buyers. You can visit our web site www.pearlrivergarments.com to get an idea for the products what we manufacture
We always offer the most professional and fast response and service. A highly trained group of specialists is standing by at each of our locations in order to assist clients. Our goal is to become a supplier of excellence to every customer and to supply absolutely best quality products.
We believe that development stems from innovation, that to start a partnership with our company will bring a win-win development to both our customer and to us.